Advertising Strategy, Media Buys, Ad Logistics

Buying ad space in trade publications, onlines, and newsletters is an effective branding tool and a good way to help to promote special events and new products.

Advertising needs to be considered within the overall marketing strategy, and firmly grounded in your sales goals. The number of industry websites and newsletters joining traditional print publications means you need to consider your options carefully and make decisions based on hard facts, not sales pitches. Stop following the crowd and put metrics behind your advertising to make sure you get the return-on-investment (ROI) you deserve. Let TECH B2B help guide you through an increasingly complicated world of B2B advertising.

TECH B2B uses a comprehensive matrix when evaluating media for advertising. What are their circulation, demographics, and turnover? Is their circulation independently certified? Are they a lead generator, or visibility/branding vehicle, and how does that align with your sales plan?

When it comes to the actual ad and other creative materials, TECH B2B can upgrade your look to a more professional/OEM level that focuses on differentiating messages that appeal to end-user markets as well as competing dealers, including custom illustrations, photo-illustrations, and original computer-generated graphics.

Have a small ad budget, but want to generate more qualified leads? Identify top half dozen publications for key market segments and buy digital advertisements (eblasts, video hosting, webinars, etc.) that are interactive and generate hard leads. Buying one at a time (total of 2 or 3 per year as budget allows) will keep ad reps interested, publishers happy and motivation for editors to post product and other information on websites, in magazines, etc. This yields SEO results as well as helps insure a constant stream of editors at all major trade shows.