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TECH B2B Marketing is a full-service content development, digital marketing, and business consultancy agency that helps technology companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and brand awareness.

TECH B2B Marketing is a full-service content development, digital marketing, and business consultancy agency that helps technology companies improve lead generation, conversion rates, and brand awareness.

Services We Offer

Tech B2B digital Marketing ServicesTECH B2B optimizes digital marketing, generates leads, and increases visibility. We offer insights, identify trends, and prioritize data and customer engagement. Stay competitive by contacting us for practical solutions and expertise in the digital realm.

Tech B2B Social Media and PR ServicesTECH B2B offers integrated marketing aligning sales goals with PR, social media, and marketing strategies. We repurpose content, utilize social media for customer engagement and insights, and enhance visibility through public relations. Reach out for a detailed discussion.

Tech B2B Inbound Marketing ServicesTECH B2B excels in inbound marketing, attracting leads through high-value content and SEO. We offer sustainability-focused strategies, repurpose content, and leverage data analytics for optimal results. Contact us to discuss your business objectives.

Tech B2B Outbound MarketingOutbound marketing benefits include targeted messaging to segmented customers, addressing gaps in the purchasing process, boosting sales through thought leadership content, leveraging automation and SaaS systems, and monitoring content interactions for customer insights.

Tech B2B Advertising ServicesTECH B2B strategically evaluates media outlets for advertising, offers professional ad design, and generates leads with interactive digital ads. Enhance your brand, improve SEO, and gain visibility at trade shows with our expertise.

TECH B2B enables effective marketing automation, optimizing platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and SaaS programs. Partner with us to find the right solution for your organization and budget, maximizing results and better serving customers.

TECH B2B enhances trade show impact with interactive booth designs, press engagement, lead nurturing, and media training. Maximize your investment and engage key customers with our expertise.

TECH B2B harnesses interactivity and data for successful B2B marketing. Videos and online presentations now surpass white papers as lead generators. We offer expert content development to increase qualified leads. Contact us to promote your new product effectively.

TECH B2B helps develop sales plans and marketing strategies so you can achieve higher sales goals. We empower sales channels, deliver qualified leads, and optimize marketing efforts for business growth.

Technical Training ServicesTECH B2B Marketing offers comprehensive technical training services in industrial automation. We provide custom training content, virtual or in-person delivery, and expertise in machine vision, robotics, PLCs, and more. Our training helps scale operations, ensure customer success, and enhance revenue.

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machine vision
Machine Vision

We Speak Your

Robots, Cobots, and AMRs

Marketing to the
Future of Manufacturing

ai and deep learning
AI and & Deep Learning

Marketing Beyond
the Hype

control welding robotics
Motion Control

We Know the Power of Motion Control

Electrical and Power Distribution Equipment
Electrical & Power Distribution Equipment

Manufacturing’s Life Blood

PLCs control the operation of machines
Programmable Logic Controls

Marketing the Brain Behind Manufacturing

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Smart Vision Lights has been utilizing the services of Techb2b for nearly 5 years.  Since contracting the services of Winn Hardin and his team we have seen the positive results of his work.  Through their expert advice and assistance our branding and marketing has improved significantly and has played a large part in the year over year growth of our company more than three fold.  They are professional, very responsive and work hard to understand our industry and what is needed to stay on top of the needed messaging to our current and future customers.  I would recommend Winn and his team without hesitation.

Dave Spaulding, Smart Vision Lights

As a TechB2B client, it’s evident that they keep our best interest in mind. They know that their success is based on our success. We value TechB2B’s responsiveness, professionalism, and expertise in the execution of our integrated marketing program.

Justin Gaull, CBS ArcSafe, Inc.

Components Express, Inc. has engaged Tech B2B Marketing on two occasions. Both were regarding the publication of technical articles critical to our business. On each occasion the articles were submitted to media within our industry. We were very successful in both cases and were able to quickly bring our products to market. I would highly recommend Tech B2B to other companies.

Winn brings a set of skills that will make any organization he works with better, stronger and more recognized than any consultant I have ever worked with.

Brian Corekin, Principal CEO

We help you get more from your technology investmentsapplication platformdatabase systememail marketing

We help you get more from your technology investments.

Manufacturing Matters

The Manufacturing Matters podcast aims to get to the heart of automation technology and how it plays into the growing manufacturing industry. Join us for insights and interviews discussing trends, innovations, and advanced automation technologies, such as robotics, machine vision, AI, and much more. Available on all major streaming platforms.

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