One of the cheapest and easiest marketing strategies you can use to spread the word about your organization’s expertise and solutions is earned media. Serving as a subject matter expert for a feature article or sharing a case study with an industry publication can educate audiences on what you do. 

When sitting down for an interview with an editor, you should keep these four key points in mind: 

  1. Stay positive. Always frame your responses in a positive light by focusing on your solutions and avoiding negative phrasing. For example, rather than saying, “Automation reduces headcount from 50 to two,” you could say, “Automation optimizes available labor in a challenging labor market.” 
  2. Tie benefits to trends. Whenever possible, tie your company’s value propositions back to macro industry trends. This will help to build trust with the media and make your quotes more likely to be used in articles on the industry and trends. For example, instead of saying, “Our robots can take over boring, repetitive tasks to open available human labor to more complicated tasks,” you could say, “The manufacturing industry is facing a major labor shortage, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that 50% of manufacturers are struggling to fill open positions. Robotic solutions can help these manufacturers fill gaps by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up human workers for more complicated, fulfilling tasks.” 
  3. Think about the customer. Every time you talk about a value proposition, frame it in terms of what it means to the customer and how they will benefit from it. Avoid commercial language, and instead explain how this will make the end user’s life easier or better. For example, rather than saying, “Our solution is easy to use and only requires two operators,” you could say, “In a highly competitive labor market, automated solutions allow manufacturers to reassign or reskill workers performing monotonous or dangerous tasks to more value-added jobs.” 
  4. Know your message. Stay on message. Develop your company line in advance. Decide on the main points you want to focus on, make notes, and be aware of company guidelines. If you can get questions from the editor in advance, draft responses to help you stay on track during the discussion. 

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