If your company is developing a white paper that will take a deep dive into technology relevant to your business, don’t stop there. Make sure that any piece of long-form content goes through your respin filter once the content has been published. Let’s look at what this means:

  1. Publish feature article: Rework your technical white paper into a feature article for trade publications that cover the industries your products and services target. Be sure to include quotes, data, and other information specific to the audience. 
  2. Blog: Condense the information into a shorter blog for your website. Don’t forget to include targeted keywords and link to products and services on your website. 
  3. Outbound content: Turn the blog into a short summary for an upcoming e-newsletter or e-blast to your marketing list. Link the summary back to the full blog on your website. Include an image, if possible.
  4. Social media: Summarize any of the above items to create short social media posts that link back to your own site or to a publication’s site. Utilize key hashtags to increase the chances of the social post being found on LinkedIn and other social channels. 

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