For many businesses in the high-tech industry, organic search represents a primary source of business, but these companies have no control over what potential customers are searching for when making a query in Google or Bing. Ultimately, if prospects don’t know of your company and can’t find it using their own search terms, their business goes elsewhere—that’s why it’s crucial to improve your company’s SEO presence, which starts with evaluating a website based on content, backlinks, and coding.  

When a TECH B2B Marketing client—a vendor in the automation space—tasked the company with improving its overall SEO presence, the company began by creating a new website with faster page load times and an overall structure more compliant with SEO best practices to achieve a perfect website health score. This laid the foundation for the process that took the company’s SEO to the next level. 

Boost Backlinks and Overall SEO

When TECH B2B Marketing first began working for the client, the company had approximately 120 referring domains—an invaluable backlink from another site. TECH B2B Marketing created an aggressive campaign that involved four key steps: Developing a steady stream of technical, SEO-optimized content; working with the media on press release and media coverage; facilitating focused advertising campaigns; and working with link-building services. As a result, the company now has 350 referring domains and counting, a dramatic increase in just a short period of time. In addition, the company now has 1,140 backlinks.  

As part of the overall SEO effort, the company wanted to focus on building site traffic since no conversions will occur without first bringing people to the website to see the company’s unique value proposition. When TECH B2B Marketing began, organic traffic averaged approximately 1,600 visitors per month. After several months of ramping up the SEO efforts, the following three months saw the highest consecutive organic traffic months since the company began using Google Analytics, with an average of 2,600 organic users per month. 

Additionally, increasing the number of organic pages—pages from a target that rank in the top 100 of organic search results—was another key priority. When TECH B2B Marketing first began working with the company, its number of organic pages was around 120. Today, the company has more than 310 pages for which it ranks in the top 100 of Google search results.  

Increase Leads, Grow Your Business   

Of course, the ability to draw people to the website through search is only as good as the company’s ability to get prospects to fill out a form and ultimately make that conversion. Prior to the company engaging with TECH B2B Marketing, it produced approximately 2,500 leads over a three-year period. In the two years since, the company has produced nearly 4,200 leads through June.  

If your company needs help with SEO—whether it’s through technical content development, a new website, targeted PR and link building, and beyond—or it would like to increase its number of leads to help grow the business, TECH B2B Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO, content, and other marketing services.