Artificial Intelligence
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Marketing Beyond the Hype

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning:

Marketing Beyond the Hype

In the general public, artificial intelligence (AI) has become quite the buzzword in recent years. In the manufacturing and industrial world, however, blindly throwing out the term “AI” doesn’t mean much to systems integrators, OEMs, and engineers. In fact, “AI” as a technology does not really exist.

ai and deep learning

Rather, AI refers to a science that comprises several different technologies and engineering disciplines, including machine vision, computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning. Systems based on a combination of these technologies — when competently designed from application analysis to final validation — can add tremendous value on the plant floor. Indeed, in the industrial automation space, deep learning and machine learning have become useful tools that augment existing machine vision technologies to solve unique problems — particularly in applications involving highly variable parts or products. Common tasks include classification, anomaly detection, defect detection, assembly verification, and more.

TECH B2B Marketing understands the difference between AI hype and real-world value, and how deep learning and machine learning techniques can complement existing, rules-based machine vision software to solve unique automated inspection tasks. We’ve been lucky to work with some of the brightest AI stars in the industrial space, including Andrew Ng of Landing AI, Kitov.AI from Israel, Soft Robotics, Zebra Technologies, Cognex, and more. 

Whether the deep learning or machine learning component is helping robots identify and pick single items from busy scenes or being used to augment traditional machine vision techniques in complicated electronics inspection applications, we understand the challenges of positioning artificial AI-based software in industrial markets.

TECH B2B’s subject matter experts and engineers have the knowledge and expertise to help you tailor your message to key end-user markets, fill the sales pipeline, and optimize customer relationships. Whether your product aids in subjective inspection decisions where a human would otherwise be required, or it helps optimize inventory and warehousing operations based on real-time data and demands, our team understands and speaks your language.

Tech Insights

  • TECH B2B Marketing collaborates with industrial AI leaders to apply practical AI solutions in automated inspection.

  • We excel in integrating deep learning and machine learning for precise item picking and enhancing electronics inspection.

  • Our experts and engineers assist in customizing messaging, sales, and customer relations, adapting to various end-user markets and needs.

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Marketing to the Future of Manufacturing

Does your marketing team need a force multiplier who understands AI and machine vision technology? Do you not have the bandwidth to craft compelling, informative, and technically accurate content? TECH B2B can help. We can also help you with the messaging for clients, key partners, and your most important OEM customers; and develop content that clearly shows your unique value proposition within the marketplace. We even have experience training Silicon Valley-based AI companies on the general manufacturing, industrial, and machine vision spaces. Give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our capabilities and how we can help grow your business today.

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