Need Last Minute Marketing Help for
Automate 2024?

It’s Not Too Late.

Whether your company is in a 10x10’ tabletop booth or a cross-aisle double booth in the middle of the show floor, preparation for a tradeshow like the Association for Advancing Automation’s Automate show is a daunting task. Getting ready for big events necessitates a multi-department synergy of marketing, sales, product managers, C-Suite, and beyond pulling together to bring it to life. However, as anyone involved with tradeshows knows all too well, not all boxes are always checked, or additional help might be needed in a few key areas, which can lead to a frantic race to the finish line. Fortunately, if this sounds like you, TECH B2B Marketing has you covered.  

Need Marketing Support at Automate? Tech Can Help!

Tradeshow Checklist: Are You Ready?  

If you’re an exhibitor at Automate 2024, have you done all the following? 

  • Created an outbound marketing plan, including reaching out to members of the press and prospective partners that will be at the show to set up meetings. Press pitch should include new products and features, abstracts for technical content, and blogs that establish your company as a subject matter expert. 
  • Developed a social media schedule that highlights what you’ll be showing at the event. 
  • Established a dedicated landing page for Automate where visitors can learn more about your booth and get more information on meeting with you at the show.  
  • Considered sending out a press release to promote your company’s attendance and highlights. 
  • Created a press kit to supply the media with information at the show. 
  • Trained inexperienced product managers or key booth personnel on meetings with the media, potential customers, and prospective partners. 
  • Considered live video feeds to promote in-booth events and demos.  
  • Set up a lead nurturing workflow with marketing automation to streamline the process of following up with key leads in a timely manner.  
automate live 2024
Automate live booth videos

While many companies out there have done all this, some well in advance, others are behind for one reason or another, or simply need a force multiplier to ensure their significant investment in the show will be worthwhile. Whatever the case may be, the TECH B2B Marketing team is here to help. At this year’s event, the entire team will be at the show working closely with A3 on Automate LIVE and Show Floor Videos, and can help before, during, and after the show. Here’s how:  

  • Media relations: We can put together press pitches, set up meetings with editors at key publications, create press briefings for your media point person at the show, attend the meetings and take notes, and follow up with editors after show to ensure any editorial interest is not lost. 
  • Automate LIVE and Booth Videos: Are you aware of the opportunities available as part of Automate LIVE? Or maybe you are, but you have reservations on the format or execution? We can help before and after, and we can even be your on-screen interviewer, should you want. 
  • Consultation: TECH B2B Marketing has worked closely with many of the companies at Automate 2024 to prepare booth personnel to speak effectively with the media, potential customers, and partners; we can help you too if you are new to the space, or have new employees who could use the training.  
  • Graphic design: Need help with last-minute collateral like brochures, data sheets, or sponsorship opportunities information? We’re ready and waiting.  
  • Lead nurturing: Whether you are actively using or interested in adopting marketing automation technologies like HubSpot, Pardot, or Marketo, we can help make your post-show lead follow-up process significantly easier. 
  • Podcasts: During our “down time,” TECH B2B Marketing will be hosting its Manufacturing Matters podcast at Automate 2024, where we discuss the latest trends and technologies in industrial automation and manufacturing. This is a free podcast that averages approximately 3,500 listeners/views per episode.  

If any of this resonated with you and you have any questions, comments, or urgent needs, please reach out to us ASAP!