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B2B Case Studies

Success breeds success.¬†These are just a few stories of how TECH B2B has helped their clients to achieve new levels of business success in the electrical, IT services, shipping and logistics, and asset management industries. Have a question, or want to talk about how TECH B2B can help your organization reach your potential …

PEARL B2B Marketing Case StudyPEARL: Taking an unknown consortium to an ANSI-accredited trade association

HP Portal B2B Case StudyHP, Customer Portals, and the $350 Million Deal

Tech B2B Marketing Case StudySharp messages introduce Hyundai Merchant Marine’s new e-tracking service, while building on Averitt Express’ global brand

Custom Publishing - HP Targets RFID to Individual Customer IndustriesCustom Publishing – HP Targets RFID to Individual Customer Industries

Measurable SEO ResultsSize Matters When It Comes to B2B eCommerce Sites