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You cannot manage what you do not know. It’s one of the basic tenets of engineering, and it also applies to marketing to engineers and technical industries. A comprehensive PR and marketing plan that starts with definable sales goals, supported by PR and marketing tactics – complete with metrics for evaluating tactical effectiveness – will empower your business to serve its customers better and improve the return on sales and marketing expenditures.

Whether it’s a low cost program that uses Google Analytics or an end to end system such as Microsoft CRM, Marketo, Act On, Radius, or Sales Force, TECH B2B can help you develop systems, metrics and reports that will help you learn from your customer interactions, cost-effectively nurture greater company loyalty, and judge the effectiveness of each PR and marketing program in relation to the overall sales plan.

Whether your marketing budget is measured in the thousands or millions, TECH B2B can help you to use technology to make your sales and marketing activities more effective.

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