TECH B2B Makes the Rounds at AHTD Spring 2017 Conference

TECH B2B Marketing attended the Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) Spring 2017 conference in Bonita Springs, Florida this week as an inaugural strategic business partner member.

The strategic busienss partner membership is new to AHTD and only began this year. TECH B2B was among five of the new members.

For 30 years, AHTD has worked to enhance the productivity and efficiency of high technology automation solution providers and manufacturers through connection, collaboration, and education. TECH B2B is excited for this opportunity to learn more about AHTD and how it can help its members continue to grow their businesses.


TECH B2B Spotted at A3 Business Forum

Rick Sipe Lou Holz TECH hat

The annual A3 Business Forum was held in Orlando, Florida this past January.

The event itself is a unique networking opportunity for the automation industry. This year, TECH B2B Marketing was excited to be a golf hole sponsor during the annual golf tournament. Here Rick Sipe, Business Manager with Rockwell Automation is caught on camera sporting the newest TECH golf hat while meeting guest speaker, Lou Holz, legendary football coach. Go Team TECH!


TECH B2B Welcomes Home the World Series Champs

After the Kansas City Royals won the World Series (4-1) agasint the New York Mets, they were welcomed home to a parade/rally with fans of all ages, shapes, and sizes in what looked like a sea of blue.

TECH B2B’s own Sarah Humphrey and her family had the incredible opportunity to be a part of it all.  It is estimated that over 800,000 people showed up to show their support for the Royals.  While the Humphrey clan had to park and walk about two miles from the festivities, they did not mind at all and enjoyed every moment.Sarah World Series

This picture was taken by photographer Roy Inman looking south from the roof of Union Station up towards Liberty Memorial.


TECH B2B Cuts Loose!

While it’s been a busy summer for TECH B2B, our team has been able to sneak in some fun. Here’s what we’ve been up to away from our desks:

When U2 came through Chicago in June, art director Liz Novak was front and center. The stage was a long runway so people could gather on either side. She just had to be willing to stand for 5 hours to do so.

The Park Hyatt has a stunning rooftop bar with spectacular views of the Chicago Loop. Says Liz: “It is so amazing that I’m considering going back, even on nights when U2 is not staying there.”

Winn & Jennifer Hardin kick their boots up at Florida Country Superfest in Jacksonville, FL, after a hectic week at TECH B2B.

The dolphin won the race at Islamorada’s Theater of the Sea as Winn and family conducted focus group research before pitching for Sea World’s B2B marketing account.

At TECH B2B, we do all our own stunts, as lead web developer Sarah Humphrey demonstrates in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Sarah Humphrey and husband Colin saw an up-and-coming band recently in Kansas City. Great energy. You should check them out – called the Rolling Stones. Trust TECH B2B to identify the latest trends.

Tech B2B


They told me change is the only constant. And after 17 years of running an integrated marketing agency, I believe them.

In 1998, I founded Hardin Business Communications to provide public relations and marketing services to industrial B2B companies. But my feet were set on this path long before that.

I’d been a tech geek my whole life. A good friend of mine had built a COSMAC ELF with his dad in their garage. Something went bang when I saw that ugly little box. We were the sort that camped out for tickets to the Star Wars premier (May 1977, btw). We learned how to program on Radio Shack TRS-80s. And when it came to college, I worked in a PR and marketing firm as PC tech and clerk. After a couple years, my constant begging convinced the boss to let me write for her pro bono accounts. Can’t thank you enough for that Judi Schindler.

In 1996, after several years working as a newscaster in Chicago and in newspapers reporter then editor, I found a way to combine my two vocations – communication and technology – into an occupation. And Hardin Business Communications was born.

As time went on, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of fellow geeks with talents in graphic design, writing, editing, programming, accounting and project management (married that one). Some folks left to start their own design or marketing companies and we miss them; new folks came on board. But most stayed. Clients came and went too, although I’m proud to say that we still have two clients from Year One. During the next 16 years, most of the clients stayed too.

Year after year, HBC continued to grow thanks to the hard work of many folks. But I was still taking all the credit by having my name over the door. Today, we change that.

TECH B2B hasn’t been a one-man show for a long time. There’s a team of good, hard-working people with special skills and industry backgrounds and expertise at TECH B2B. All of them can be proud of what we’ve accomplished for our clients. Every time the lead reports come in, it still feels like Christmas. We take a minute to smile and remind ourselves that marketing isn’t a soft industry any more. Technology has given marketing the tools to put intelligence in our strategies and give our clients another competitive edge.

It’s a challenge to stay head of the technical wave, but that’s okay. You never stop learning, and it keeps us young(ish). And after all, change is the only constant.