As a marketing and sales consultant that specializes in small- to medium-size companies, I see it all the time: Change is hard. And it's hard to better explain why change is hard than Karen Lindner does in this article.

Here are two of my favorite quotes:

"While executives and managers say that they want new ideas and new thinking from their employees, their actions indicate otherwise. New ideas are disruptive, they're messy, they challenge the status quo, they require taking chances and increased risk, and they push everyone out of their comfort zones." And yet, that is exactly what we need "to get of our comfort zones."

and, the trickiest of all:

"One of the most important things any leader can do to improve their organization is to first improve who they are. For things to change, you must change, and for things to get better, you must get better. Always remember, excellence is not a skill. It's an attitude."