Digital advertising on LinkedIn can create brand awareness, generate leads, and produce a return on investment through account-based marketing.

With more than 65 million decision makers on LinkedIn, digital advertising on the networking platform can create brand awareness, generate leads, and produce a return on investment through account-based marketing. Through LinkedIn Ads, companies can target social media users based on demographic information, as well as behavior, interests, and more.

Getting Started

To begin, follow the steps to set up your company page by including your company’s logo, description, industry, location, website, and more. Complete pages get 30% more weekly views. Once your page is complete, post weekly to see your page’s engagement double.

Once your company page is complete, create a LinkedIn Ads account and set up ad campaigns based on one or more objectives:

  • Awareness: Create brand awareness
  • Consideration: Get visitors to your website and engaging with your content
  • Conversion: Generate leads

Choose Your Ad Type

LinkedIn Ads has a variety of ad types that you can choose from to suit your company and objective needs.

Some ad types appear in users’ LinkedIn feeds:

  • Carousel ads: Create an immersive experience with swipeable images
  • Event ads: Advertise a LinkedIn event you are hosting
  • Single-image ads: Use an engaging visual to obtain views
  • Video ads: Use a sight- and sound-immersive experience to grab the attention of business decision makers

Other ad types appear on the right-hand side of users’ desktops:

  • Spotlight ads: Highlight products, services, and other offerings for users
  • Text ads: Focus on specific opportunities you can provide to potential customers

Use message and conversation ads to create a personal connection with your target audience.

Generate Leads

Adding a call to action to your carousel, event, single-image, or video ad will attach a lead generation form to your ad. You can select certain fields to include in your lead generation form, such as name, email, and company.

LinkedIn Ads is a valuable digital marketing tool that companies can use to target potential customers and showcase products. To learn how TECH B2B can help get you in front of your future customers, contact us today!

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