As consumers become increasingly reliant on their personal electronics — and the cameras embedded therein — it was only a matter of time before enterprising businesses found ways to leverage computer vision to enhance their online retail operations.

To achieve this, however, brands must make consumers' use of computer vision as painless as possible — even to the point of making it invisible to them. As many vision engineers have learned, the larger population isn’t quick to grasp the concept or practical applications of programming a computer to “see.”

Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) and image recognition algorithms are bringing the benefits of computer vision to consumer smartphones with none of the pain. The upshot for brands: New and unique ways to engage customers and prospects, and enhance their brand experience.

In a recent AIA article on, TECH B2B account executive Dan McCarthy surveys the companies that are advancing and leveraging image recognition technology for online retail. Specifically, his article explores how the technology is enabling:

  • Streamlined organization and navigation of massive product databases through visual search
  • Automated social media monitoring that alerts brands when their logo or product appear in customer photos
  • Online searches for products similar to those captured on a smartphone camera

Read Dan's full article on the website to learn more, and stay tuned to the TECH B2B Blog for future articles on how vision technology and automation are enabling Retail 4.0 on the brick-and-mortar side.