Are you generating new content? Are you getting it across your channels? Are you watching your competitors and building off their successes?

While marketing needs differ depending on a company’s size and industry, many concepts remain standard across the board. This rings true for the high-tech markets and industries that TECH B2B Marketing serves, including machine vision, robotics, artificial intelligence and deep learning, energy and power, optoelectronics, motion control, and additive manufacturing.

Is your company publishing new, informative content each month? Are you pushing it out on social media and through outbound e-newsletters? Going even deeper, does your company monitor its competitors’ Google Ads activity or SEO rankings? No matter the industry, companies don’t want to be left in the past while competitors move into the future or new companies swoop in and disrupt the status quo. In the automation space, for example, it’s important for customers and prospects to understand exactly what your business does, what its value propositions are, and how its solutions can help increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive revenue.

New A3 figures indicate that robot sales in North America have hit a record high for the third straight quarter. There has perhaps never been a better time to be part of the industrial automation community. At the same time, more companies — both established businesses and startups — are moving into the space and creating competition, making it increasingly important to ensure that customers are aware of what your company brings to the table.

TECH B2B Marketing has compiled a 10-question checklist quiz designed to give you a sense of where you stand among your peers. Take our quiz today and enter for the chance to receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

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