Finding the time and resources for writing technical content is hard. Tech B2B Marketing can help.

Scenario: You work at a fast-paced, innovative company in the tech space — whether in robotics, artificial intelligence, machine vision, or another area. Your company has knowledgeable engineers along with bountiful industry expertise and experience, but you lack the time to create high-quality content.

At TECH B2B Marketing, we hear this often, most recently while visiting with companies at the A3 Business Forum and at ATX West. Everyone at your company is busy helping customers handle automation challenges. It can be hard to take time to document what you’re doing today to build the sales of tomorrow. At TECH B2B, we can help get your content engine running smoothly.

From MQL to SQL

High-quality, informative content helps your company in several ways. Content helps highlight your company’s products, services, and unique value propositions. On your website, it helps search engines find your company and brings in new business. It also improves your position in search engine results pages (SERPs). That is, it betters your Google ranking. During the sales process, good application stories, case studies, and tech notes can help change a marketing qualified lead (MQL) into a sales qualified lead (SQL) as part of a lead nurturing program. Finally, content is the doorway to earned media, turning the press into evangelists for your company, products, and services.

Get Your Content Back on Track

While TECH B2B is a full-service agency in the automation space, offering services from video creation to website design and SEO/SEM, content creation is what companies think of first when it comes to our team of automation marketing professionals. This is likely due to the fact that our staff members have worked at and led editorial operations at SPIE, Vision Systems Design, Laser Focus World, EDN, Photonics Spectra, and many other publications.

Our team knows your challenges, speaks your language and that of the media that covers your company, and can help get you on track with your content needs. Reach out to us today with your content needs or questions by submitting a form here or emailing us directly.