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Machine Vision:

We Speak Your Language

TECH B2B Marketing is one of the leading marketing, public relations, and training agencies in the machine vision space. From our account executives to our writers and copy editors — and even staff engineers — we have been supporting the leading OEMs, distributors, and integrators in the machine vision market for more than 20 years.

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Machine vision refers to connecting a camera to a computational engine — either an embedded computer inside the camera or an external PC or PLC — and using specialized software to analyze images for features and anomalies indicative of quality defects. Machine vision is also used for assembly verification — making sure all parts and components are part of the final assembly — as well as for tracking production inventory in industries ranging from food production to automotive manufacturing.  

In addition, machine vision technology adds tremendous flexibility to industrial automation systems, which increases overall efficiency. For example, “blind” robots are adept at automating repeatable, pre-programmed tasks across industry verticals, but adding machine vision creates a more flexible system with new capabilities. These include vision guidance for robots, pick and place and bin picking, and palletizing and depalletizing — not to mention all the applications where a camera attaches to the end of a robot arm to perform various inspections of difficult parts, such as inside a vehicle during manufacturing.  

Here at TECH B2B, we speak your language when it comes to machine vision. Our experts can help you identify the most important value propositions for your new machine vision product or service, whether it’s cameras or sensors — including 2D cameras, 3D cameras, smart cameras, barcode scanners, spectral cameras, and much more — lighting, optics, cables, lenses, software, or complete systems. Our deep understanding of the machine vision technology vertical customer markets, and the automation industry as a whole, means you can trust us as a valued partner to help grow your business to its full potential.

Tech Insights

  • Machine vision uses cameras and software for quality control, assembly verification, inventory tracking, and various applications.

  • Machine vision boosts industrial automation by adding flexibility and enabling tasks like vision-guided robotics and inspections.

  • TECH B2B specializes in machine vision. We provide tailored guidance for machine vision products, fostering business growth and industry trust.
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We Speak Your Language

Have you encountered scenarios where you have someone who understands machine vision technology, but doesn’t have the time or the ability to produce content? Or where everyone on your team is simply stretched too thin, and you need someone who can produce technical, informative content in a timely manner? TECH B2B can help. We can also help you with your messaging to clients, key partners, and your most important OEM customers. If you need greater visibility in your market through feature story placement, technical white paper development, or mid funnel conversion improvements through the development of vertical market case studies — including complementary videos and multimedia packages — TECH B2B is your one-stop shop for all things related to machine vision and computer vision.

Give us a call or send us an email to discuss how your machine vision solution can reach a larger market in North America and around the world, just as we have helped companies such as Cognex, Zebra Technologies, and many others.

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