Marketing is essential for businesses who are looking to grow. But with all of the new digital tools available today, how do you know where to start?

Manufacturing Engineering recently spoke with TECH B2B Marketing’s Managing Director Winn Hardin to find out. The article explores how companies can make better use of their resources to generate quality sales leads interested in their products and services. 

Hardin explains the importance of building a solid foundation with an SEO-optimized website, creating an engaging social media presence, and building relationships with the media at trade shows and through outbound marketing to help expand the reach of your message. 

David Dieter, president of PBC Linear, also shared his experience working with TECH B2B to optimize the company’s website and improve tradeshow return-on-investment. He discusses the benefits of augmenting a small marketing team with services from a firm like TECH B2B Marketing. 

If you’re looking for a full-service, tech-oriented B2B marketing agency, or just marketing advice, contact us to discuss your needs.

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