Millennials are optimistic, tech savvy, and unafraid to share their opinions. And given that they’re expected to outnumber baby boomers this year, millennials’ growing impact in the workplace should be no surprise. Nor should the increasing importance of digital marketing to this influential group.

In particular, employees in the 18-34 age range are shouldering more responsibility in B2B purchases, with 46% of them in charge of such decision-making as of 2014. That’s a 17% climb from just two years earlier. Research also indicates that purchasing authority is shifting away from the C-suite, another sign of millennial influence — lest we not forget their aversion to hierarchical structure in the office.

Together, millennials and their Generation X colleagues represent 2 out of 3 purchasing researchers and agents. Also in the “no surprise there” category, 89% of purchasing managers use the Internet to research products. Some 42% rely on a smart device during the B2B purchasing process — a strong argument for making sure your website is mobile friendly. Plus, Google’s algorithm prefers responsive views.

So, when selling your products in the B2B marketplace, remember who’s calling the shots on the other side of the screen and how digital marketing will steer millennials in your direction.