You don’t care about the definition of public relations or inbound marketing; you want to know how it works with sales to improve the bottom line in a measurable way. The new TECH B2B website takes a fresh look at delivering meaningful information — not just rehashing what everyone else presents when it comes to making a marketing agency website.

Our mission was to create an example of integrated digital marketing in action, an agile combination of usability and targeted content. As we created concepts, trashed ideas, started again from scratch, tweaked, and re-tweaked, we asked ourselves, “How does this element contribute to our message?” Every element had to have a purpose in order to remain on the screen.

Big and Bold. From the first static design mock to the “final” live iteration, the homepage design had to support our message that B2B marketing is a cycle that begins and ends with sales. Rather than using another tired slideshow, the focal point on the homepage is one big, bold image on a clean white background with a single central message that encompasses what we do: “Sales growth fueled by integrated marketing and refined by actionable customer data.”

Responsive Design. To tell our full story on the homepage, we opted for a long-scroll design. Icons and animated infographics draw the user down the page to learn more about our primary services. Throughout the site we strove to combine the best elements of current web design to create an appealing layout that works for all devices.

Designed for Humans, Not Bots. It is fundamental to use SEO best practices in a new website, but we always design with users first in mind. Being appealing to a search engine isn’t as important as making a connection with real users on the site. Raw traffic is important, but it is more important to increase conversion among those who visit our site – we want users to pick up the phone and call us, send us an email, view our content, and check out our downloads.

Show Off (Just a Bit!). We play in the big leagues but don’t want to give the impression that we’re a faceless behemoth. We’re a small firm serving other small- to medium-sized tech firms. TECH B2B’s portfolio, case studies, and B2B blog all show our capabilities and the full range of our experience and services.

Dynamic Evolution. Close readers may have noticed I put “final” in quotation marks when I described our new website. In modern digital marketing, there is no “final” iteration. Dynamic content, user interaction, updates, refinements, and redesigns are all part of a constantly evolving process. Much like any good marketing plan, we built the TECH B2B site with room for it to change and grow in response to our needs and opportunities. Cheers to the new TECH B2B website in its debut!