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Customer newsletters are great ways to promote product while increasing the frequency that your customers hear about your company and services. Content generated for newsletters can be respun and pitched to traditional media, syndicated across wires, and used as part of social media marketing campaigns that add to your organic SEO/SEM rankings. The most important considerations for a customer newsletter are:

  • Relevant and unique content
  • Make it fun whenever possible
  • Don’t appear to be too self-serving
  • Make it all about the customer

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Studies show the optimal frequency for customer newsletters is monthly, or as often as you can produce unique and relevant content. By tying an e-newsletter into your company’s content development and public relations activities, you realize several benefits, including:

  • Make it easier to develop unique, relevant content
  • Open up opportunities to cross-sell
  • Open up opportunities to cross-brand
  • Result in a constant stream of new content for supporting websites and media relations activities

Examples of e-newsletter and eblast content include:

  • Interactive content (webinars, presentations, videos)
  • Products/service
  • Contracts
  • Industry activities
  • White papers or other premium content/services
  • Personnel news
  • Giveaways (demand generation for collecting customer data)
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Steve Beyer, Director BNP Custom Media