OEM Website Product Finder Boosts Web Leads by 1091%

Adding product information through smart catalogs and configurators can massively increase website traffic, unique users, and web form leads, as one of TECH B2B Marketing’s longest-running OEM clients recently discovered.  

With multiple business units, TECH B2B Marketing’s client has done extremely well through organic growth and acquisitions. However, as organizations grow larger, the need for efficient sales pipelines becomes even more critical to maintain and grow momentum.  

Realizing that digital sales channels are key to future growth, the company faced the challenge of leveraging product data for hundreds of thousands of individual products and assemblies. The goal was to improve visibility on the web and enhance customer experience when it comes to researching new products and solutions, all while increasing website leads.  

Working with TECH B2B Marketing, this OEM client was able to increase website traffic by 400%, unique website users by 180%, and web leads by 1091% over a 5-year period.  

Making a Website That Delivers the Goods 

Tech B2B Marketing started working with this client nearly 10 years ago, providing content development services and supporting social media and email marketing. Six years ago, the OEMs primary website developer passed the reigns to Tech B2B Marketing, asking the question: How do we better serve our customers while improving sales?  

Updating website designs was an important part of the solution, but the greatest benefits came from developing online product configurators and intelligent “product finders.” These solutions helped guide customers, who could now filter product selection based on compatibility with their existing equipment and specific equipment parameters. The result was quick access to products that would help customers solve today’s challenges while planning for tomorrow’s growing demands.  

With hundreds of thousands of product SKUs sold by a handful of business units that included dozens of individual locations, Tech B2B Marketing worked with the client to prioritize their product offerings by identifying lines in high demand. Focusing on these product groups first, Tech B2B Marketing developed a series of intelligent product finders and e-catalog systems that used text fields and pictures of OEM equipment to identify the best, most cost-effective solutions and upgrades.  

During the following 5 years, one business unit realized a 4x improvement in website traffic, a 180% percent increase in new website users, and — by including an online request for quote (RFQ) submission form in addition to the standard contact form — a 1091% increase in web form leads. Smaller product storefronts on multiple other business unit websites also quickly became the most active pages after the home page, quickly distancing themselves from other business units that hadn’t yet started to leverage product databases to improve SEO, website, and lead generation.  

Today, the client is seeing sales from website leads double each year, adding tens of millions of dollars to the bottom line annually.  

Online product information improves customer experience while boosting sales. If your manufacturing company is interested in creating an online catalog, but you’re not sure where to start, contact us at Tech B2B Marketing. We can help guide you through the steps of data consolidation, integration into existing customer relationship management (CRM) software, marketing automation, and website, DAM, PIM, and related software systems. Give us a call and let’s talk about your data goldmine and how you can use it to achieve new levels of business success.