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Do you want to pay more than you should? Or get more than you paid from your public relations and marketing?

In the abstract, that’s an easy question for any business manager to answer. But when it comes to public relations and marketing, companies often pay too much for too little return.

An integrated marketing plan based on solid sales goals that also includes specific tactical PR and marketing activities will keep you on budget, focus the team on key customer groups and sales goals, give you the data for mid-course corrections, and provide greater return on your marketing investment.

The trick is to know what tactics, prioritized by lowest cost, will result in the best return.

Armed with new insights about your sales plan, TECH B2B will help inventory your existing PR and marketing assets, look at the available budget, and help you come up with a tactical plan.

Every integrated marketing activity will have a specific goal beyond “put out another press release, or buy another ad in the biggest trade publication.” And each activity also will have tracking mechanisms so that we can evaluate our success, learn from our wins, and avoid putting resources in an area with lower yields.

TECH B2B is a big supporter of sustainability when it comes to PR and marketing. That means using every piece of content as many time as possible to get the greatest return on your investment. We’ll develop content that promotes your key products and services within high-growth-potential markets. The content will be crafted to close the gaps in the purchasing chain while reinforcing the brand loyalty you have among your existing industry champions.

TECH B2B Public Relations and Marketing Services:

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Case Study: Taking an unknown consortium to an ANSI-accredited trade association
The Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League (PEARL), a trade association for electrical equipment reconditioners, spent most of its 11-year history in stealth-mode because their 70 small- to medium-size corporate members didn’t know how to leverage the media to reach their target audience. See how TECH B2B gave thier old image new spark.

PEARL B2B Marketing Case Study

“I had the privilege of working with Hardin Business Communications on several projects and find the TECH B2B team to be extremely knowledgeable, and creative. The help and services Hardin Business Communications provided us have been invaluable. TECH B2B is as efficient and cost effective as any business professional can get, while providing extraordinary services and results that are worth every penny spent.”

Stephanie Vinger, Marketing Communications Manager, PPT VISION, Inc.