Your latest tradeshow seems successful — the booth was full of traffic the whole time; your team scanned the badges of everyone who stopped by, so you have a long list of leads; and the media at the event was interested in your new products and case studies.  

How do you keep the momentum going to really make it a successful event? Below are a few steps to take to keep your leads engaged and make the most of your tradeshow investment. 


Get Nurturing  

Considering that the sales cycle for automation equipment and software can take six months or more, it’s essential for companies in this industry to keep their solutions top-of-mind with potential customers. We encourage our clients to use their marketing automation platform, whether that’s Zoho, PipeDrive Hubspot, Pardot, or another tool, to create an automated nurturing program with built-in personalization for optimized event follow-up.  

Automated programs like these allow salespeople to optimize their time. While a salesperson is busy engaging with leads who are ready to buy, the nurturing program is engaging leads who haven’t reached that point. With proper scoring mechanisms in place, your nurturing programs can generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), which help identify leads who are potentially ready to buy and send them to sales to close. 

We recommend a nurturing program have at least seven email steps, starting with an email 48 hours after the event to thank leads for visiting your booth and recapping demonstrations, presentations, and anything else that was at the booth. The emails that follow should showcase your potential customers’ pain points, and how your services can help them overcome them.  

Engage the Media 

The media can often be overlooked by companies, but trade publications can be great advocates for your company after an event. By engaging with the media, you’re bringing even more attention to the products, demonstrations, and case studies you showcased during the event.  

We encourage our clients to take all the media meetings they can during any event. During these meetings, editors will discuss any opportunities for coverage — from new product announcements to applications stories. After the event, it’s important to make sure to follow up with editors to keep the momentum going on any potential publication opportunities. It’s especially important to be mindful of deadlines editors might be up against.  

Don’t forget to engage with your social media as well! Sharing mentions, connecting with people you met during the event, and posting recaps from the show can help keep the momentum going.  

Other Action Items Post-Event 

After following up with leads, in the week or two after an event, it’s a good idea to reflect and review the success and start planning for next year. Getting feedback while it’s fresh in team member’s minds can be incredibly helpful to ensuring success the following year. Identify what worked and what didn’t to begin strategizing for the next event. 

Depending on the tradeshow, it might be a good idea to secure your booth space for the following year so you can get your preferred size booth and location.