The latest advancements in 3D imaging improve robotic bin picking solutions to automate material handling tasks.

Robotic bin picking solutions automate material handling tasks to increase productivity and efficiency while freeing up human workers to perform more meaningful work. But successful implementation comes with challenges.

In a recent A3 article, TECH B2B account executive Jimmy Carroll discussed bin picking systems and their reliance on 3D vision technology. A 3D camera, for instance, must be robust and versatile to provide 3D sensing accuracy. This task can prove to be difficult as parts are often loose and scattered throughout a bin. To improve accuracy, developers are implementing more deep learning algorithms to teach 3D cameras to find and match objects based on generalized classes defined by examples.

Advancements in machine vision and automation continue to improve bin picking systems. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that are able to navigate challenging environments are also helping push these solutions forward.

Read Carroll’s full article on the A3 website to learn more about the 3D vision companies developing machine vision solutions for bin picking applications. And stay tuned to our blog as we track advancements in 3D imaging technology.

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