Robots, Cobots, and AMRs

Marketing to the Future of Manufacturing

Robots, Cobots, and AMRs:

Marketing to the Future of Manufacturing

Industrial robots — including traditional, collaborative, and autonomous — continue to gain popularity worldwide as a means for automating “dull, dirty, and dangerous” jobs that people either don’t want to or cannot do. From automotive manufacturing to warehousing and logistics, these amazing machines can accomplish tasks that were only dreamed of just a few decades back.

Over the past few years, the importance of robots and automation technologies in general have become increasingly evident. From e-commerce companies looking to keep pace with increased customer demand during a pandemic to food companies trying to find ways to safely and effectively process and package products amidst a labor shortage, robots have been instrumental in keeping the lights on across many industries. 

Even before the pandemic caused a labor shortage that still lingers today, however, automation has been ripe for growth. Today’s manufacturers and corporations understand that adapting manufacturing processes — which may involve leveraging robots, cobots, or both — can help them increase productivity, enhance efficiency, and drive revenue, all while ensuring the highest quality for their brand around the world.

Whether you are a robot manufacturer, integrator, distributor, end of arm tool manufacturer, or software company, TECH B2B Marketing can help you identify key markets and customers. Our deep understanding of robotic technology and all related industrial automation capabilities — from machine vision to programmable logic controllers (PLC) to artificial intelligence (AI) software — means you won’t have to spend time bringing us up to speed on what makes your company different. With our full suite of services from content development, digital marketing, channel management, CRM and marketing automation, video, and animation, we can help expand your sales funnel and fill the pipeline with the qualified leads you need.

Tech Insights

  • Robots and automation are crucial for meeting customer demand, ensuring safety, and sustaining operations in many industries.

  • Robots, Cobots, and AMRs benefit manufacturers by boosting productivity, efficiency, and quality.

  • TECH B2B Marketing's expertise in robotics and automation means that we will immediately be on track to generating the quality leads that you have been looking for.


Marketing to the Future of Manufacturing

Have a new product and want to know it’s full market potential? Our engineers and subject matter experts can help identify the unique problem that your product solves, and work with you to find partners, sales, and service networks that will take your company to the next level. Need technical content that informs and inspires potential customers to take action? Our team speaks your language and can help be the voice of your company, whether as a force multiplier or as your entire marketing department. 

Whether you’re developing automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions, or traditional robot work cells for assembly, material handling, packaging, or other key applications, let’s talk about how TECH B2B can help increase your company’s visibility in a vibrant and growing market. Give us a call or send us an email and ask us about our past projects with Universal Robots, Kassow Robotics,, Soft Robotics, and others; we helped develop digital channels and content that aided these companies on their path to becoming best in class.

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