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Finding The Hidden Gems

Search engines, trade media, associations, and social media platforms are effective lead generation and branding tools. Placing ads on them makes sense. But we believe that advertising needs to be considered within the overall marketing strategy and firmly grounded in your sales goals. Given the exploding number of industry websites and newsletters adding to the heap of traditional print publications, you need to consider your options carefully and make decisions based on hard facts, not sales pitches.

Advertising Strategies

TECH B2B uses a comprehensive matrix when evaluating media for advertising. What is a media outlet’s circulation, demographics, and turnover? Is its circulation independently audited? Is it a lead generator or a vehicle for visibility and branding, and how does that align with your sales plan?

We Make You Look Good

When it comes to designing the ads and other creative materials, TECH B2B can upgrade your look to a more professional/OEM level. We help differentiate your value and messaging with custom illustrations, photos, and original computer-generated graphics to appeal to end-user markets as well as competing dealers.

Have a small ad budget but want to generate more qualified leads? TECH B2B can identify the top half-dozen publications in your key market segments and buy interactive digital advertisements (eblasts, video hosting, webinars, for example) to generate hard leads. Buying one at a time (for a total of two or three per year as budget allows) will keep ad reps interested, publishers happy, and editors motivated to post your new product and company information on their websites, social media threads, and publications. This approach drives better SEO results for you and supports a constant stream of editors at all major trade shows.

Advertising News & Insights

Need Last Minute Marketing Help for Automate 2024?

Need Last Minute Marketing Help for Automate 2024? It’s Not Too Late. Whether your company is in a 10x10’ tabletop booth or a cross-aisle double booth in the middle of the show floor, preparation for a tradeshow like the Association for Advancing Automation’s Automate show is a daunting task. Getting ready for big events necessitates a multi-department synergy of marketing, sales, product managers, C-Suite, and beyond pulling together to bring it to life. However, as anyone involved with tradeshows knows all too well, not all boxes are always checked, or additional help might be needed in a few key areas, which can lead to a frantic race to the finish line. Fortunately, if this

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