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Tech B2B Marketing

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Marketing Automation & Big Data

Working smart through workflows

You Cannot Manage What You Do Not Know.

Marketing Automation is the Key

If a website is the beating heart of your company’s lead generation machine, then think of the marketing automation system as it’s nervous system, collecting data on customers from social media, websites, emails, and events.

TECH B2B can help you get the most out of your Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Sharpspring, or other marketing automation platform. We can also ensure that you maximize results from discreet SAAS programs such as LeadFeeder or MailChimp.

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Tech B2B Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Preparation

Tech B2B starts with a look at  your existing customer resource management (CRM) programs/lists and helps our clients to develop personas that represent different buying interests and patterns. We then work with our clients to audit their existing marketing collateral and develop lead nurturing workflows for each group. Custom dashboards provide real time information on who is engaging with your digital channels and creates marketing qualified leads (MQLs) based on individuals with higher than normal activity.

Finally, we work with client organizations to develop notification procedures and dashboards that keep sales reps apprised of hot prospects in their respective areas, while providing sales managers with the information they need to identify reps in need of assistance.

Making the Most from Your Marketing Automation Platform

With our in-depth knowledge of the corporate personas, industries, technologies combined with understanding how our client companies are organized, we can help you find the sweet spot between sales capacity and customer engagement, helping your marketing and sales departments to improve and amplify their efforts.

Let us partner with you find the right solution for your organization and budget.

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