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Outbound Marketing

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Outbound marketing takes your marketing message to the customer via the most effective channels, whether traditional advertising, digital marketing, social media, speaker events, trade shows, or media relations. It is key to generating new prospects and building brand loyalty.

When most companies think about outbound marketing, they think of traditional advertising, which can quickly get expensive. TECH B2B can help you be smarter about how you spend your resources. Let us show you how to amplify your content to get in front of key customer groups without breaking the bank.

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Tech B2B Outbound Marketing Services

Outbound Marketing Strategies

Our proven outbound marketing methods ensure you get the most out of every asset. A story written for a newsletter will promote your new product while increasing the frequency in which customers see your brand. The same story can be respun and pitched to traditional media, syndicated across wires, and used as part of social media marketing campaigns that add to your organic SEO/SEM rankings. Some of the most important considerations for outbound content are to:

  • Provide relevant and unique content
  • Make it fun whenever possible

  • Favor benefits over hyperbole

  • Make it all about the customer

Outbound Marketing Benefits

  • Segment your customers by industry, buying needs, and other factors and only send them information that targets their needs

  • Identify key gaps in the purchasing decision process and target your content at channels that will put your message in front of these new prospects

  • Boost sales through true Thought Leadership content that helps customers, companies to be more successful

  • Leverage marketing automation and SAAS systems to simplify workflows and improve marketing return on investment (ROI)

  • Monitor content interactions for insights on customer needs and to determine which information channels are best for reaching each customer

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