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Tech B2B Marketing

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Measurable Actions That Support Strategy

B2B Financial Success Starts With The Sales Plan. But What If Your Plan Is To Beat Last Year By 10%, 20%, or More?

Higher sales is a destination, not a plan. TECH B2B’s expertise can help companies just like yours develop sales plans and support marketing initiatives that grow your business — whether you sell through distribution or in-house and whether you are an OEM, integrator, or distributor.

Six Steps to Success:

  1. Identify industries, customers, and the drivers that move them to boost leads and sales
  2. Research the best web, video, social media, trade show, email, and print channels to reach qualified prospects
  3. Develop a strategic campaign plan, including GANTT, expected returns, and metrics for evaluating success
  4. Empower your sales and distribution channels with content and information designed to convert leads into sales
  5. Deliver qualified leads to sales and move prospects farther along the funnel through lead nurturing, drip campaigns, and retargeting
  6. Analyze meaningful metrics for each step in the buyer’s journey, iteratively optimizing every marketing dollar and initiative for the greatest return

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