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An integrated marketing plan that connects solid sales goals with targeted PR, social media and marketing strategies will keep you on budget, focus the team on key customer groups, provide actionable data for mid-course corrections, and deliver maximum return on your marketing investment.

The trick is to select tactics, prioritized by lowest cost, that will result in the best return.

TECH B2B reviews your sales plan to determine which digital and social media tools will best help you achieve your goals. We then inventory your existing PR and marketing assets, look at the available budget, and help you come up with a cost-effective, highly tactical plan.

Reinventing the wheel over and over is expensive, time consuming, and impractical. TECH B2B repurposes every piece of content as many times as possible to provide the greatest return on your investment. When we develop new content to promote your key products and services within high-growth-potential markets, we craft to close the gaps in the purchasing chain while reinforcing the brand loyalty of your existing industry champions.

Social Media

Social media, including blogs, network platforms, memes, infographics, and much more, is becoming an increasingly important channel for engaging with new and existing customers and discovering challenges early on — before these challenges show up on the P&L. Social media can turn your employees and customers into crowd-sourcing focus groups that lead you to delivering the next killer product or application. It can serve as a global platform to share technical support information and reduce overhead or provide a self-serve knowledge base for your technical customers. If your business sells to emerging markets, social media can be an especially effective source for qualified leads.

Public and Media Relations

Media professionals have never been asked to do so much with so little. Let TECH B2B help you pinpoint where your company’s value proposition intersects with the needs of TV, radio, magazine, web portal, and social media. The result is a win-win. From managing media lists and media relations to developing press releases, bylined feature stories, and online content, TECH B2B can assist with all your publicity needs. Call us to discuss how we can help improve your visibility in the industries you serve.

Public and Media Relations

Social Media & PR News & Insights

Need Last Minute Marketing Help for Automate 2024?

Need Last Minute Marketing Help for Automate 2024? It’s Not Too Late. Whether your company is in a 10x10’ tabletop booth or a cross-aisle double booth in the middle of the show floor, preparation for a tradeshow like the Association for Advancing Automation’s Automate show is a daunting task. Getting ready for big events necessitates a multi-department synergy of marketing, sales, product managers, C-Suite, and beyond pulling together to bring it to life. However, as anyone involved with tradeshows knows all too well, not all boxes are always checked, or additional help might be needed in a few key areas, which can lead to a frantic race to the finish line. Fortunately, if this

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