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From Delivery to Program Creation, Tech B2B Has the Expertise You Need

TECH B2B Marketing can deliver custom or existing training content— virtually, in person, or as part of a learning management system (LMS) — as an extension of your training staff. We can develop training tailored specifically to your company’s needs, whether for customers or internal sales and engineering staff. Led by a widely recognized, award-winning educator in the industrial automation field, we can help train and maintain a staff of expert technology course facilitators.

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Technical Training Services

Build Better Relationships Through Training

Technical training enhances and expands your company’s reach in providing existing or potential customers with product and systems education. Training helps scale your operation to meet peak demand and balances key internal staff with customer demands while ensuring customer success, satisfaction, and acceptance through education. Offload course content preparation and delivery to TECH B2B and quickly create custom training initiatives for new or existing products while enhancing the revenue base that can be achieved through a successful product training operation.

Our Engineers Teach Your Engineers

TECH B2B Marketing can provide expert instruction in the configuration, programming, systems integration, and deployment of high-tech industrial automation systems and components. This includes:

  • Machine vision, computer vision, and AI-based technologies

  • Standard and collaborative robots and vision-guided robotics (VGR)

  • Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and automation controllers

  • Motion control and more

Real Client Results

When a Silicon Valley AI software company approached TECH B2B Marketing with an intuitive deep learning software product that could offer great value in the industrial automation space, it did so with limited knowledge of the manufacturing space and the machine vision market. To help this company become familiar with the world it sought to enter, TECH B2B Marketing developed and administered a comprehensive training program to introduce its employees to the world of machine vision and imaging within the context of industrial automation. As a result of the efforts, the company made headway in the industrial automation space, attending/speaking at several significant tradeshows, contributing articles to relevant publications, and even delivering keynote addresses.

When an optical filter company wanted to launch a new line of cost-effective high-performance lenses specifically designed for manufacturing, it turned to TECH B2B Marketing to provide market guidance and promotional help. As part of the effort, TECH B2B Marketing educated the company’s sales team on the general manufacturing, machine vision, and robotics markets by developing a four-day, eight-hour training series delivered in person at the company’s production facility. We helped educate a team that was familiar with lasers, laboratory automation, and other high-tech applications about the existing market segmentation of machine vision companies, including integrators, distributors, and OEMs. As a result of the initiative, the company experienced significantly greater growth with its machine vision lens product line.

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