After years of development and associated programming costs, a U.S. supplier to the energy markets was ready to launch one of the largest private ecommerce sites in North America. Unfortunately, only 1 in 100 pages were showing up on Google and the programmers had no idea why.

TECH B2B analyzed the site and determined that while the on-page search engine optimization (SEO) was strong, the site had not been fully indexed and a sitemap had not submitted to the major search engines.

During its initial indexing to create a sitemap of more than 300,000 pages, TECH B2B identified a coding error that had prevented 98.8% of the product pages from being indexed, meaning that hundreds of thousands of product pages were lost in the ether. TECH B2B quickly explained the problem, proposed a solution to the programming team, finished the sitemap and submitted it to all major search engines.

Within a month, TECH B2B effectively grew the distributor’s ecommerce site by more than 8049%, potentially leading to millions in new revenue.