B2B Sales

Strategic Sales Planning

B2B success starts with the sales plan. But for many companies, the sales plan is: Beat last year’s revenue by 10%, 20%, or more.

That’s a destination, but it’s not a plan. TECH B2B can help you dig deeper within your organizational knowledge to identify industries, customers, and product lines that will take your company to the next level.

  • Do you sell direct to customers, or through distribution channels? Who are your “champions” within each industry, and where are the gaps in the purchasing chain? Who do we need to educate, how big is the population, and what is the most cost-effective way to reach them?
  • What does sales need to be more effective? What sort of content will persuade? Is it a revolutionary new service or product? A commodity? How do we differentiate, and where is the proof to your unique value to the marketplace?
  • Are there unrealized cross-selling opportunities between different product or service lines? Do you have a majority share among one product line but only a fractional share with a related product line bought by the same customer base? Is there hidden market potential waiting to be cracked?
  • How are leads acquired, qualified, and nurtured? How can we shorten the time from initial contact to conversion without creating administrative overload on your sales force?

Our 20 years of promoting B2B technical solutions gives us insight to your markets and customers. That’s why we only work with B2B companies that offer technical solutions to industry.

We’ll help you qualify and prioritize your target industries based on profitability and growth potential, and identify key champions within those industries as well as gaps in the purchasing chain.

We’ll look at the culmination of your customer knowledge and product roadmap, and make sure you’re in position to capitalize on existing portfolios as well as prepared for tomorrow’s big launch.

Together, we’ll identify high-margin product and customer prospects and develop PR and marketing programs that will support your short- and long-term sales-growth strategies.

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Case Study: Sharp messages introduce Hyundai Merchant Marine’s new e-tracking service, while building on Averitt Express’ global brand
See how TECH B2B can help optimize your return on investment (ROI).

“Working with TECH B2B is like being in a tough college class where the professor is acutely interested in his students getting the benefit of the material. TECH B2B’s team works for you but they are also total partners in the process, complete with budget consciousness and goal focus.”

David B. Rosenfield, President ROMAC Supply