A manufacturer of high-quality optical filters used extensively in the laser and related optoelectronics industries wanted to launch a new line of cost-effective high-performance lenses specifically designed for manufacturing. To do so, it turned to TECH B2B Marketing to provide market guidance and promotional help. 

TECH B2B Marketing principals worked with the optical filter company to evaluate the cost structure of its new product line and develop experimental demonstrations with specific relevance for manufacturing customers. We then helped the company get that content onto its website and other digital channels, as well as collateral for end users and distributors, even helping the company identify key distributors to grow its sales network. 

As part of this effort, the company’s existing sales team needed to be educated on the general manufacturing and machine vision robotic markets. TECH B2B Marketing engineers developed a four-day, eight-hour training series delivered in person at the company’s production facility. We helped educate a team that was familiar with lasers, laboratory automation, and other high-tech applications about the existing market segmentation of machine vision companies, including integrators, distributors, and OEMs, as well as on the various technologies used in machine vision imaging, including 1D, 2D, 3D, and spectral imaging, among other high-volume applications for their new products.  

Once TECH B2B Marketing joined its promotional and educational efforts, the optical filter manufacturer experienced significantly greater growth with its machine vision lens product line.  

If your team needs training services, custom training programs for internal or external distributors, or technology- or market-based research, TECH B2B Marketing has the subject matter experts and expertise on staff, in addition to the digital capability to capture key insights for new product launches and for repositioning companies within the larger manufacturing industry. If you have any questions, please give us a call or click here to contact us directly