The Automate Live team Automate 2022 in Detroit.

TECH B2B's Angela Godwin and Winn Hardin and podcasters Nikki Gonzales, Chris Luecke, and Jake Hall hosted the first-ever Automate LIVE broadcast.

We recap our experiences at Automate, which returned with exciting new developments in industrial robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, software, and much more.

From June 6 to 9 in Detroit, the industrial automation community gathered at the Automate show for the first time in three years. For us — and perhaps for many of the people we interacted with at the show — it was one of the most exciting Automate shows in memory.

Advanced automation technologies have never been more important. The last few years have highlighted how quickly things can change. COVID-19–related restrictions, the Great Resignation, and the dwindling labor pool are just a few reasons why companies have increased adoption of automation technologies like robots, machine vision, artificial intelligence software, and the like. In fact, orders for industrial robots rose 40% year over year in the first quarter of 2022 as businesses looked to avoid disruptions and keep products flowing out the door.

The Automation Community Evolution

Companies are finally returning to shows and exhibits to discover the latest solutions in their industries. At the Automate show, the energy in the Huntington Place convention center felt different, as everyone was eager to reconnect in person, network, and learn about the latest trends and technologies in automation—from collaborative robots and autonomous mobile robots to deep learning and the latest machine vision cameras. The show floor buzzed with excitement, and the innovative demonstrations and products made it clear that the automation community continues to improve its technologies and services to meet the ever-evolving and challenging needs of today’s manufacturers.

Landing AI's Andrew Ng and TECH B2B Marketing's Winn Hardin at Automate 2022

Landing AI's Andrew Ng and TECH B2B Marketing's Winn Hardin at Automate 2022

Live From the Automate Show Floor

It was certainly the most exciting Automate show we’ve ever experienced — for several reasons. First, we took part in the first-ever Automate LIVE broadcast, which we hosted along with Jake Hall, the Manufacturing Millennial, and Chris Luecke of the Manufacturing Happy Hour podcast. During this daily broadcast — which was livestreamed on A3’s social media channels and reached more than 1 million people within a month — we held several fascinating conversations with industry experts, including Universal Robots’ Joe Campbell, Landing AI’s Andrew Ng, FANUC America Corporation’s Mike Cicco, and A3 president Jeff Burnstein.

In addition to hosting duties, the TECH B2B team facilitated the entire video production process inside the “fishbowl” on the show floor. We also conducted interviews in various exhibitor booths, getting up close and personal with some of the most exciting technologies the show had to offer. It was a whirlwind of an event, and we are extremely grateful to A3 and everyone who was part of our experience. We can’t wait for the next event!

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