While it’s been a busy summer for TECH B2B, our team has been able to sneak in some fun. Here’s what we’ve been up to away from our desks:

When U2 came through Chicago in June, art director Liz Novak was front and center. The stage was a long runway so people could gather on either side. She just had to be willing to stand for 5 hours to do so.

The Park Hyatt has a stunning rooftop bar with spectacular views of the Chicago Loop. Says Liz: “It is so amazing that I’m considering going back, even on nights when U2 is not staying there.”

Winn & Jennifer Hardin kick their boots up at Florida Country Superfest in Jacksonville, FL, after a hectic week at TECH B2B.

The dolphin won the race at Islamorada’s Theater of the Sea as Winn and family conducted focus group research before pitching for Sea World’s B2B marketing account.

At TECH B2B, we do all our own stunts, as lead web developer Sarah Humphrey demonstrates in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Sarah Humphrey and husband Colin saw an up-and-coming band recently in Kansas City. Great energy. You should check them out – called the Rolling Stones. Trust TECH B2B to identify the latest trends.