Having an effective and potentially powerful product means nothing without the right customers knowing about it. When a Silicon Valley artificial intelligence (AI) software company recently approached TECH B2B Marketing with an intuitive deep learning software product that could offer great value in the industrial automation space, it did so with limited knowledge of the manufacturing space and the machine vision market. 

Beyond helping companies with marketing strategy, TECH B2B Marketing is uniquely positioned to help companies enter the industrial world, with several decades of combined experience and knowledge of the space, including hands-on experience from our on-staff engineers. To help this AI company become familiar with the world it sought to enter, TECH B2B Marketing developed and administered a comprehensive training program to introduce its employees to the world of machine vision and imaging within the context of industrial automation. 

Custom Machine Vision Training 

Our custom four-part training course — which included quizzes for each section — comprised an overview of machine vision and fundamental imaging technologies (part 1); advanced imaging technologies, computing platforms, software, and systems integration (part 2); the machine vision market, including product source and supply chain overview and the customer marketplace (part 3); and trends and applications that may benefit from deep learning in machine vision (part 4). 

In addition to being able to understand and discuss the machine vision industry with clarity, objectives also included the ability to understand the difference between machine vision, computer vision, AI, machine learning, and deep learning, as well as the ability to understand the need for quality image formation and understanding the key components and selection metrics behind that. Additional training outcomes included:

  • Understanding advanced imaging technologies and computing platforms for industrial automation 
  • Demonstrating a knowledge of software in machine vision and how it’s used and implemented 
  • Gaining insights into how deep-learning tools are perceived in the industry and how they are traditionally and most broadly implemented
  • Understanding how machine vision systems are typically integrated and deployed 
  • Grasping the supply chain and current state of the machine vision product and solutions market 
  • Demonstrating knowledge of how deep learning is used in machine vision, including the applications in which it is well suited (and has been successful) or not a great fit

Off and Running into Industrial Automation 

Following the training courses, the company was able to confidently make headway in the machine vision and industrial automation space. In addition to attending their first Automate trade show — the largest tradeshow for industrial automation in North America — company leaders presented their approach to deep-learning software and its role in the industrial space to several organizations and publications, including Assembly magazine, the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), Vision Spectra, Vision Systems Design, and more.

The company’s founder and CEO even presented several keynote speeches at both live and virtual events in the industrial automation space. In addition, the company has since authored several technical articles for publications in the industrial space, including IEEE Spectrum, Industry Week, and Quality magazine. 

Custom Training for Your Organization

Whether it’s training your employees or customers on technical topics including machine vision, computer vision, AI-based software, standard or collaborative robots, vision-guided robotics, programmable logic controllers and automation controllers, motion control, and beyond, TECH B2B Marketing can help. Contact us today to learn more about our training or general services.