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Trade shows are wonderful opportunities to personally interact with key customers and industries. Whether it’s an interactive booth design that exponentially improves traffic, media outreach and engagement, special events targeted to your top customers and/or partners, and a new lead nurturing program to make sure qualified leads don’t slip through the cracks, TECH B2B can help you get the most out of your trade show investments.

TECH B2B also recommends developing a professional approach to technical conferences that seeks to gain publicity from all attending editors and media. These efforts include:

  • Get list of attending press from conference organizer
  • Call and schedule personal press briefings with each editor
  • Create press kits (pocket folder that includes recent news releases, product releases, and white papers) for distribution to press
  • Review each media outlet’s editorial calendars for possible high-value content/feature stories from affiliate companies
  • Create list of story topics to pitch to the media during the personal briefings
  • Follow up with editors after the conference to secure publicity placement
  • Develop content/stories as necessary and reuse content on website, newsletters, etc. whenever possible.
Trade Show Booth Design by Tech B2B
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“Working with TECH B2B is like being in a tough college class where the professor is acutely interested in his students getting the benefit of the material. TECH B2B’s team works for you but they are also total partners in the process, complete with budget consciousness and goal focus.”

David B. Rosenfield, President ROMAC Supply