Saw a great article this morning on why you should first "engage and inspire your employees first, then customers." Small and medium business in particular think that any action that doesn't add directly to the bottom line isn't worth the resources, but what business owners often fail to understand is that 20 motivated people can do much more than 1 highly-motivated person.

To put this in different terms, effectively leveraging your existing information and sales channels to their greatest potential will put more cabbage in your pocket than spending 18 hours a day making personal calls on key customers, or personally reviewing every bill of sale, sales proposal, etc.

Too often, business executives don't realize that as their business grows and changes, adding new personnel and product lines, they must change too. Small businessperson: Kudos to you. You're the economic engine of the World. But don't forget, develop an effective team as you grow; give them the benefit of your wisdom and guidance; empower them to work towards your personal and business goals, and you'll reap the rewards.

Verum Dicere!